Booze Boxes

Whiskey May Not Be The Answer – But – It’s Worth A Shot

Our Booze Boxes are quite unique. They are definitely a one of a kind and the ONLY ones manufactured on the market today. Our Custom Designed cases allow you to carry 1 to 4 bottles of your favorite beverages and can carry any size bottle of alcohol. All of our cases are TSA / Airline Approved.

Single Bottle Booze Box

  • Carries 1 Bottle
  • Base Price $175.00

Double Bottle Booze Box

  • Carries 2 Bottles
  • Base Price $200.00

Four Bottle Booze Box

  • Carries 4 Bottles
  • Base Price $250.00

Wine or Alcohol Traveling Case

  • Carries Up To 8 Bottles
  • Base Price $300.00

Included In Base Price Of Each Case

  • Exterior – Booze Boxes
    • locking draw bolt latch
    • carrying handle
  • Interior – Booze Boxes
    • LED light – center of case
    • front catch board 

Design Options

  • Exterior covering
  • Multiple sections of case embroidered
    • price increase for this upgrade
  • Powder coated metal used exterior
    • price increase for this upgrade

***Shipping and Tax (if applicable) are not included in base price***