Design & Construction

Construction of Boxes Includes
Quality & Custom Design To Make Your Box Your Own

H & S has become a leader in classic design and innovated technology. Our design experts are continually put to the test to find the highest quality materials that will improve the durability and enhance the over-all construction of our products. The description below will enlighten you as to why our products are the best on the market. Look it over then ask, “Why Would You Choose Anything Less Then The Best”.

H & S will continue to Design, Manufacture, and Deliver the Highest Quality Cases Made In The USA.

  • 3/8″ Baltic birch plywood / 5 ply
  • 3/8” ABS prelaminated plywood / assortment of colors available
  • All aluminum extrusions to protect corners and sides of box
  • Metal ball corners and braces to protect corners and sides of box
  • Spring loaded handles
  • Butterfly or draw bolt latches
    • Locking capabilty
  • full piano hinge between lid & box
  • Rivets used in construction / not screws
    • Screws will loosen over time and cause box to come apart
    • Rivets will increase the overall strength of box tremendously
  • stainless steel screws used / not for construction of box itself
    • used to support shelf bracket and compartment sections

Interiors covered with an Ozite material

    • non-woven fabric that won’t fray or unravel
    • extremely durable
    • mold & mildew resistant
    • stain resistant
    • acts as a moisture barrier to keep leather, silver, and metal dry and moisture free during storage

Options that are available on a variety of cases

    • drawers with locking cam locks
    • shelves / full or sliding 1/2
    • divider compartments
  • removable saddle racks
  • bridle mounts
  • blanket bars
  • wrap compartments
  • electrical 6-way outlets with USB ports
  • LED lighting
  • mirrors
  • dry erase boards
  • heavy duty lid stays