icon1Sports Equipment Trunks

Custom Made To Carry Anything & Everything You Need To Help Make Your Team Successful

It doesn’t matter what sport you are involved in, if you need to protect your equipment while at home on the playing field or court, or when traveling to take on your competition, a H & S Sports Trunk will get the job done. Equipment is very expensive and needs to be ready to take on the challenge the minute the lid is opened. Coaches, trainers, and medical personnel will appreciate the quality and durability of our trunks.

Regardless of the level of competition; Professional, College, High School, or Little League, the condition of your equipment is of upmost importance. Allow us to custom design those trunks that will benefit the team and your coaching staff.

Pricing will depend on size and configuration of the interior of each trunk. Team logos can be copied and placed on the exterior of any trunk. If any team’s logo is Trademarked or has a Registered Trademark attached to it, H & S will need all legal forms that apply to such trademark being reproduced and used prior to having our graphic designer replicate and apply.

Almost all of the trunks we build for sports teams are made from ABS, a prelaminated plywood (Luan, Douglas Fir, or Birch). This is a very attractive, strong, and durable material. It is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. If you go to “Music & Stage Equipment Cases”, you can see cases we have made using this material (in the color black).